The 527 Page Callout Document for a 13 year old

This 26 year old woman just wants to write smut about teenage characters from a children’s TV show in peace!

Context: Trust Me, You’re Going to Need This

Every single day I wake up and am just astonished by the audacity of people.

Imagine this, you’re me, just browsing Twitter, when suddenly you come across this tweet:

@TheActualCel is a great illustrator who’s well worth a follow.

And just like that I must know everything. And it just keeps getting worse and I keep getting angrier.

This whole thing starts because a user by the handle of mar2kuki tweeted this, which included a link to a Google Document that contained over 500 pages as a callout post for a 13-year-old.

Screenshot grabbed by user @tazatouilles and censored by me for the minor’s privacy. Glitch Techs is a Netflix TV show rated U.

And why was this callout document created, you may ask? What viable, credible reason was there for this account- not even the “victim” of the harassment- to publish a file 527 pages long on a minor? What happened to Mari Akutsu (the online name of the 26 year old “victim” of this supposed harassment and bullying from a 13 year old) that left her so damaged and heartbroken?

Well, that’s a long story, but the document itself puts in pretty succinctly:

Credit to @rabidwooloo for actually going through this document, and finding the most pressing bits. I got 50 pages in and simply couldn’t carry on.

Again, this is from her own team’s document. She had a hand in writing these words. This is the event that started this entire incident as described by her with the most positive spin possible. This is not a legal document, no matter how much it pretends to be; this is her side of the story written with ultimate bias and she still sounds this unhinged. The only thing that makes her sound slightly more sane is the fact that she doesn’t outright state that these characters are minors.

This “feud” appears to start with a minor in the Glitch Tech fandom finding smut for a children’s TV show and calling out her out on writing this content, but in fact Mari Akutsu had been arguing with this minor for longer than that. The two weren’t in any way on good terms, and the minor admits that things were said that probably shouldn’t have been on their side, but most of the things they argued about were to do with the sexualisation of teenage characters.

Having a teenager explain old fandom things to me was a wonderful experience, its like the stuff we spent ages on as kids really has its own defined legacy in modern fandom vernacular.

When I spoke to the minor involved, they explained to me that they didn’t have a problem with “aged up” fics themselves, it was more that Akutsu was aging up these characters so she could write smut about them. A reminder, this TV show is aimed at children around 7, and the characters are around 15.

Akutsu argues- in this incredibly long document that's meant to be about the “dangers” of the minor and their harassment towards them- that writing smut about aged up characters is fine, because they’ve aged up. She also focuses almost entirely on a pair different to the one featured in the fic, Mitch, who is 18, and Five, who is 15.

Akutsu is so close to reaching a solid conclusion about relationships, maturity and sexuality, and then she just says “but it’s okay because I age them up before I make them have sex”.

An “alternate” Mitch and Five are still based of their teenage characters, so she is writing smut based off of these minors. But don’t worry, it gets worse! Guess who she then drags in to try and take this further. Its the LGBTQ+ community, yay!

I am also furious that whoever compiled this document couldn’t insert better links then literally just writing SOURCE: xyz but, I am focusing.

Attempting to connect her demisexuality and her use of minors to create titillating content is incredibly harmful to the LGBTQ+ community. Other than the fact that it’s a really weak, ill constructed point, there’s as suggestion here that this hyper-sexualisation is okay because she’s a member of the community, and that denying her this ship is somehow akin to denying her representation.

Also, Mari Akutsu may be “mindful” to add tags, but she doesn’t use Archive of Our Own’s content warnings when writing explicit smut!

Those 29 likes really set off a campaign of harassment, huh.

Here’s the tweet that started off the minor’s supposed harassment of Akutsu.

EDIT: Previously I had said that Akutsu using the tag “No Archive Warnings Apply” was a violation of Archive of our Own’s Rules, but now it has been explained to me that there are two set of tags within this system. The E rating in the picture stands for “explicit”, which shows that there are explicit graphic themes, whilst the archive warnings are for specific things such as rape and underage characters. (I had assumed that aged up characters performing sexual acts would still count towards the underage part, but AO3 doesn’t enforce this.) Technically, this piece doesn’t violate any of the Archive warnings, even if it does include aged up characters performing sexual activities.

The minor that stumbled onto this piece was deeply disturbed by this, and rightfully called out the writer, who just happened to be Akutsu. Then, fast forward to Christmas Day, and here we have her publishing an entire document about this 13-year-old who just didn’t want to see porn when exploring their fandom.

This message was shared on discord between Akutsu and a confidential friend sharing the document on the 15th of November.

The choice by Akutsu and her team to publish this on Christmas day was also just exceptionally mean. When talking to the minor involved, they confided in me that they had confidential information that showed that this document had been in production from the 15th of November, and that they are still experiencing a lot of trauma over the fact that this was done to them on Christmas. They are 13, they deserved to have a happy Christmas, not one where they had to defend themselves from a 500 page document detailing their supposed bullying of an adult.

A Brief Glimpse into this Document

All 527 pages are a waste of internet memory, but there are some highlights, such as:

Using Wikipedia as a source is a sin, but using it as a reason that 15 year olds can date 18 year olds is a bigger sin.
  1. The “defence” that an adult and a minor dating isn’t paedophilia because dating doesn’t have to include sex, which, is a real mental loophole to dive through when she’s creating media that depicts said minors committing sexual acts. Again, this has very little to do with the supposed harassment of Akutsu, and is just a defence of her ship.

2. A huge amount of time trying to apply the real world legal system to the minor’s (and their friend’s) OC and the character Five having sexual intercourse, despite the minor never producing content that suggested their characters would engage in such things, directly contradicting their above point about dating.

This woman is closer to 30 than 20, and she has put this much work into considering the ramifications if Five and a minor’s OC had sex. Five, who isn’t real.

3. A claim that said minor is being homophobic, because the minor and adult where both men, instead of, you know, everything else.

Despite the fact that the minor has never said anything homophobic, they were way more concerned with the sexualisation of children.

4. The totally stable claim that this minor couldn’t be thirteen based on the fact that they sounded older.

The minor in question and I theorised that this is due to their deep androgynous voice, but honestly we were both stumped by this logic.

5. And what can only be described as the most insane thing ever written, this:

This woman is reportedly 26.

6. Until she one ups herself by writing a personal letter to her “harasser”, which she ends with a threat to sue for harassment and to fully doxx them.

The content of the document itself was… garbage, but worse, it was unethical; including many personal details of the minor and even recordings of their voice. Again, as a reminder, the person writing this document is in their twenties, and the so called “harasser” is 13.

Ah, but they are old enough for a 26 year old to write a 500 page document on.

Until its deletion due to the inevitable backlash, this document was being updated in real time, as people told her that calling out a thirteen year old was not an okay thing to do, and instead of listening to them, they got added to the dossier as well. Twitter user @rabidwooloo summarises the situation remarkably well:

Ramifications, and an Attempted Escape

I’m finding it difficult to express the level of disgust I feel when I actually distance these actions from their sheer ridiculousness. An adult woman wrote what amounts to an expose on a 13 year old who was deeply hurt by the “aged-up” child pornography she was writing, untagged and without a trigger warning. Instead of reaching out and offering support to a minor deeply hurt by her actions, she decided that this was the better way to react. How do you do that to a kid? How are you so unable of introspection that you’d rather blame everything on a literal child than even consider that you may be in the wrong?

She then posted this on her YouTube channel,

the DX really screams maturity and guilt

Which was then updated to this pretty quickly, before the YouTube channel was taken down.

Their angle is still that they were “bullied” by this minor; they’re attempting this bizarre guilt trip, as if we should all be ashamed for publicly showing support for a traumatised 13 year old who said some rude stuff to her.

If you’re wondering how she attempted to “reach out” to the minor, here’s how, by the way.

She attempts to guilt trip them, using her mental health as a weapon. Great. Truthfully, I’ve left out lots of parts of this document where Akutsu tries to manipulate people using her mental health, or blame all of this on the minor. I can’t speak about it with any of the eloquence I would want to use, but please know that this is also unacceptable, and beyond disgusting behaviour for anyone, let alone a 26 year old.

Since then, her Facebook has been found where she’s been attempting to play some form of victim, whilst still maintaining that this is all due to the minor, and not backlash for her actions. I would also like to take this time to clarify that Mari Akutsu was not being stalked, she was being heavily criticised and yes, verbally attacked, but the use of the word “stalker” is such a pervasive misunderstanding of what a stalker is. The basis for a harassment campaign I can, to some degree, understand- again, this minor did not speak to Akutsu kindly, which they’ve acknowledged. However, the twisting and manipulation of the situation to the point where they are referring to the minor as their “stalker” multiple times is just beyond incompetence and goes into malicious intent.

“I only wanted people she didn’t like to avoid her.”

Although the document explicitly said that this wasn’t a call for harassment, and that anyone doing so would not be supported by the creator, I find it hard to believe that any adult publishing a callout post wouldn’t understand what this meant. The moment her friend hit post, she was inviting their community to attack and harass a 13 year old, requesting it even. I cannot, in good conscience, believe that she was unaware that the minor would receive hate and abuse from her community. They wouldn’t “avoid”, they would attack, and she knew that. She knew exactly what type of hell she was creating for that minor, and she didn’t have a problem with it until people started criticising her.

More than anything, I’m just glad that twitter largely and vocally decried her for her actions, although I have a feeling that it won’t help her change her behaviour. However, this has sparked a huge debate over the interactions between minors and adults online. Some believe that the blame falls onto minors themselves, or their parents, or the websites they’re using, or even capitalism pushing children to engage, which is a very good take that I do not have the time to get into right now.

@shippinggoggles on twitter has a mix of opinions, and one that I agree with.

The problem is that no-one really wants fandom censorship, but we’ve been through this before, on a little site we called Tumblr.

@swazikills with probably my favourite tweet of all time

I’ve had this discussion in the past, and what we have now is a product of these questions arising again. The tags and content warnings we’re using now are the best middle ground we’ve got currently, but the problem is Akutsu and many other adults simply don’t use them for some reason, and aren’t mindful of who they’re interacting with. There’s not much you can do if a minor wilfully goes into a space that’s been created for adults without any of these protections in place, but we have ways to tag this content to try. If people don’t do this basic thing, that it makes a much more hostile environment for the children. Without respect for tags and contents warnings, minors are left woefully unprotected, even if they’re doing their best to protect themselves.

I spoke to the minor involved in all this, and all they want is to be listened to and respected when they tell adults they’re uncomfortable with NSFW content. This is truly what this entire situation boils down to; an adult sexualising children’s characters, and a minor expressing discomfort.

The thing is, we’re adults. It may be a “burden” and it may be more stress, but its on us to protect the kids in our own communities. I don’t care how much they’ve hurt your feelings, they are children. What’s worse in all this is that Glitch Tech is a show aimed at kids; they should be safe exploring these fandoms more than anything else, but time after time we let them down. We invite ourselves into this spaces, and forget that they aren’t ours just because we exist there.

This was me, back in 2011, when I would have been 13. These are the faces you’re communicating with, the one’s that are seeing untagged porn. You wouldn’t leave erotica around for kids like that to find in the library, so why is it okay to do so on a virtual library ? We’re not handing you a full cease and desist, we’re literally just asking you to consider who’s on the other side of the screen. And guess what, you know who watches a lot of children’s television? Kids.



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